How is Doof Made?
Doof undergoes many, many quality checks to be as delicious as it is. The gist of it is: 
Our animals are slaughtered only after following the FSSAI Guidelines and health checks to maintain they are good to go.
Our butchers are trained professionally to make the most beautiful cuts, equipped with all the right blades. Our facility follows the necessary health codes and our meat is cut and stored in temperature controlled (0-4°C) and sterile environment.
Doof Meat is cleaned so you don't have to. Doof experience means no blood, no odor, just hassle-free meats! We only charge for the Net Weight of your meat; this means that we weigh your meat (without packaging weight) After it is cut and cleaned so you don't have to pay more for things you won't eat (waste parts).
Doof Meat is delivered within 90 minutes of you placing the order. Our Meats always arrive fresh, never frozen. Our packaging is leak-proof, made from natural product, is good for the environment, our food, and You, and arrives with the seal of Doof. 
Our packaging is sustainable, biodegradable and compostable. You can grow little plants in it to reuse it, or fill it with soil and seeds and bury it. It will break down in as little as 4 weeks, under the right conditions (moisture, heat, microorganisms). But always clean the trays before putting them back in the ground to avoid infections. Little tip: Shredding it before composting it will speed up the process!
Another cute tip: If you aren't able to take care of the used packaging but still want it to safely go back to earth, you can save the packaging and give it back to us at our offline store so we can do it for you!
Our meats are delivered to your homes by our own Doof Delivery, not by external parties. This is to: 
  1. Avoid slow deliveries.
  2. Avoid burnout of staff/drivers.
  3. Make your Doof deliveries more personal. 
  4. Avoid contamination, keep your Meats special and safe, delivered by our staff with love and care.
Items once packaged or delivered will not be refunded or returned, please pick your order correctly. If there is a quality issue, please call us at 6-359-359-000. 


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