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Doof Meat

Doof works towards making Meats a safe, hygeinic, convenient and beautiful experience for the people of Gandhidham, Gujarat. Get quick home delivery on fresh raw, cleaned, premium meats. Just open the package, and you're ready to cook.

Get Doof delievered to your home now!

Gujarat's first FSSAI Approved Online Butchers!

FSSAI NO.: 20723013000201

Doof Who?

Doof means Food. We deliver fresh-cut meats and eggs to the lovely people of Gandhidham, Gujarat. Doof is the only FSSAI licensed online butcher in Gujarat. Our priority is to bring standard quality safety, sustainability and convenience to your Meat experience.

Doof About?
  • Doof-Picked

    Our animals are slaughtered only after following FSSAI Guidelines and many health checks.

  • Doof-Cut

    Professionally trained butchers to make the most beautiful cuts for your meats.

  • Doof-Clean

    No blood, no odour, just hassle-free meats ready to be cooked.

  • Doof-Delivered

    Doof Meat is delivered within 90 minutes of you placing the order.


Chosen, cut, cleaned, trimmed, packaged and delivered by Doof.

  • FSSAI Approved

  • Home delivery within 90 mins.

  • Health Checks at every step of the process.

  • Only pay for the Net Weight of the product.

    Weight of the meats after getting cut and cleaned.

  • Temperature-Controlled conditions for meat.

  • Guilt-free, sustainable and compostable packaging.

  • Never frozen, always fresh meats.

  • Special organised Delivery channel (Doof Delivery) only for our Meats.

Doof Better?

We are always exploring safer animal handling practices, better breeding farms, better taste, better equipment, packaging and values.

If you have ideas about how we can achieve that, let us know. Take this as a suggestion box - and it can be anonymous if you want! (But please do not take it as a chance to be mean).

Reef Enterprises

Reef Enterprises works in ship supply, bulk supply, export to Ships, hotels, major organizations and groups. We are also the parent company of Doof Meat.

Suppliers of Meat Products