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Reef Enterprises is the company that owns Doof Meat and takes responsible part in producing, sourcing, storing and supplying the highest quality meat products and more to food retailers, restaurants, ships, hotels, caterers, healthcare and customers from every sector. 

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Reef is an ever growing company, passionate about food and business and innovation  in practice. We are always working on doing things in a better way!

Superior quality meat slaughter, online butchers and suppliers and exporters of meat and meat products (fresh, frozen, processed).

Reef has a wide range of cooked and frozen, raw and processed meat products including Doof Poultry, Doof Mutton, Doof Seafood, Doof Eggs, tinned fruits, vegetables and meats, syrups and condiments, and more.




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As we have maintained at Doof Meat, we believe in Accessibility when it comes to food. A happy, safe and healthy experiences with food is everyone's right. This is achieved by a system of truthfulness, good moral and work ethic and creativity in function. 


We control our entire supply chain. From farm to table, each process is tracked and monitored professionally.  We have no tolerance on compromise of quality and this is why we only work with the best partners.


We have raw meats, fry and serves, ready to eats, heat and serves, deli meats, eggs, sauces and syrups and more. All of these products require different temperartures of cold to preserve quality and life of the product which we maintain. 

We are quick to manage other products that a client may require. 


We have our own Slaughter and butchering facility (temperature-controlled), built in accordance to FSSAI Guidelines. 


We first developed and succeeded with our active brand Doof Meat, which is Gujarat's first FSSAI Approved Online Butcher. Doof Meat provides fresh, raw, cleaned meats and eggs, sustainably packaged (no plastic) and home delivered to the people of Gandhidham. The work we put into it made us want to dive deeper into this fascinating industry.  


At Reef, our animals are health-checked ante and post-mortem by a certified vet.

After this, our professionally trained butchers slaughter and butcher the meats based on the cuts and requirements.


We maintain quality control at origin. We have state-of-the-art modern temperature controlled cold stores. We own the most efficient technology to help us save time and achieve perfection at our job and trained staff to handle it. 


We work on making sustainable choices for the environment. Reef Enterprises uses technology that helps retain power or resources in the long run, and works on environment-friendly packaging alternatives.


All our products are vacuum packed, sealed, labelled and stored in our cold stores. This is done to stop contamination of meat by bad bacteria.


Reef Enterprises provides competitive low rates with quality and quick delivery.


We have a high standard for management and welfare of those that work for us and with us. 


We focus on clear and focused communication with our partners and clients.


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Reef is the only Online Butcher that will allow groups to place supply orders from us completely Online!

Please follow up with a call or email after you place the order to confirm it. Contact us to add more detail or enquire about products that have not been mentioned in the product lists.

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Hello from Reef!

We are Doof Meat's parent company. 

Reef works in export and bulk supply of meats and other products from its base in Gandhidham, (370201) Gujarat - India. We enjoy working with people who share our values.

We are the only Supply company to make online orders available for groups on our website. To enquire more and to get in touch with us call or whatsapp at +91 6359359111 or email

Our offices are located at: Reef Enterprises, TCX North 36 (first floor), Main Bazar Gandhidham (Kutch) 370201 - Gujarat, India.

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